Targeted Proteomics Course with world-class lecturer team is widely welcomed and has been successfully held in America, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, India and Japan. This is the first time that the course has come to China!


The course will last for 4 days and senior experts in proteomics have been invited, including Prof. Ruedi Aebersold, Prof. Michael MacCoss, Dr. Brendan MacLean, Dr. Christina Ludwig, Dr. Ben Collins, Dr. Yansheng Liu,Dr.Wenguang Shao, Dr. Tujin Shi, Dr. Chuanqi Zhong and Dr. Hu Zhou to give keynote speeches and lectures. The course will provide researchers with the latest technologies and in-depth exchange opportunities.


The lecturer team will give lectures in Chinese as much as possible, and Chinese version of courseware and material are available to guarantee the course quality. Meanwhile the number of participants is restricted to 50. This unmissable excellent course is especially designed for Chinese students and scholars.


This course aims to build a bridge between theory and practice of targeted proteomics, and to assist researchers in establishing process and methodology of targeted proteomics in their own laboratories. In-depth discussion on first-class technology and software, such as SRM, PRM, SWATH and DIA are involved. Senior experts in proteomics will introduce different topics daily and offer sufficient time for “practical operation and practice”, which bases on Skyline and focuses on a complete workflow involving experimental design and data analysis that points at targeted proteomics (targeted method design, optimization of instrument parameter setting, manual / automatic quantitative analysis and data statistic analysis).


The course is undertaken by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica.

The interested applicants are supposed to register and submit registration information before August 20th, 2018. Time for notification of fee charging is August 30th.

Charge standard:

       Universities and research institutes: 2800 CNY per person

 (Photocopies of credentials are required)

       Companies: 4500 CNY per person


Guidelines for participation and screening criteria:

The interested applicants are supposed to submit a 500-word readme file, and following criteria will be implemented if more than 45 applicants sign up:

Applicants are required to submit a brief summary of their projects, research interests, how the targeted proteomics and DIA technology will be applied to the future projects, as well as the difficulties they encounter at present and content expect to learn. The submitted material will be used to figure out the applicants that may benefit most;

Assess whether applicants have basic prior knowledge on proteomics based on MS

Assess whether applicants have basic practical experience in using Skyline;

Students, postdoctors and research technicians are given priority;

Participants from different laboratories and research groups are given priority.


Guidelines for brief summary:

Brief summary is required to be submitted online before August 20th, 2018. Both English and Chinese versions are acceptable but brief summary is no guarantee of attending course;

Applicants are required to understand Chinese and possess English foundation;

Brief summary should contain titles, authors, organization addresses and main body;

References are used only when necessary;

Applications will not be considered without brief summary.


Timeline for registration:

       Enrollment/Summary submission: August 20th, 2018.

       Notification to participants: August 30th, 2018.

       Fee charging: September 20th, 2018.


Registration fee includes:

       All the courses;

       Course materials;

       Lunch and coffee break;

       Welcome Dinner

       (Accommodation and transportation are not included)



Selected participants will receive an E-mail with a payment portal link, and fee charging should be completed before September 20th, 2018.


Classical targeted proteomics refers to selecting and detecting signal of target protein via SRMMRM and novel PRM targeted proteomic technologies while neglecting irrelevant signal, thus enabling high specific and high accurate quantification of target protein. But it is restricted to small-scale data acquisition and analysis.    


With advancement in resolution and scanning speed of mass spectrometer in recent years, Data-independent acquisition (DIA) and Sequential Windowed Acquisition of all Theoretical fragment ions (SWATH) has become one of the most popular acquisition methods. Analysis of SWATH / DIA data realizes the large-scale popularization of targeted proteomics.


The 2018 Targeted Proteomics Course aims to deepen comprehension towards targeted proteomics via establishment and application of SRM/MRM, PRM, DIA/SWATH, as well as in-depth discussion on application of Skyline to data analysis of targeted proteomics, thus better applying targeted proteomics to biomarker discovery, drug research and design, and study of life science.


Important Dates

Conference Date:
Oct. 22-25, 2018

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